For 22 years, I’ve been writing for someone else.

First it was The Cincinnati Post. I covered the Cincinnati Cyclones and Cincinnati Mighty Ducks for that paper as well as countless other teams in other sports in my 11 years there. It went belly-up at the end of 2007.

Then it was, the creation of C. Trent Rosecrans, The Athletic’s beat writer for the Cincinnati Reds.

From there it was as I continued my career with Scripps-Howard and tried to salvage the remaining Northern Kentucky readership base from The Post.

I was honored to join Blog of Brotherhood in 2015 and learned a ton about building site pages.

But I want to create a forum of my my own to post and store my intellectual property.

View From the Glass is a reference to the front-row season tickets we’ve had since Cady Arena opened in 2006.

I’ve only missed three games in that span: One for a funeral and two in 2011 when I got married, which was in a Miami hockey sweater.

I plan to attack this site like I did with BoB, posting plenty of off-season news, in-season game reports, features and much more, plus Cathy will do her camera thing, providing in-game photos once the 2019-20 season starts.

Thanks in advance for reading.


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